How to get anyone's IP address online without hacking?


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This is my first blog and in this blog I will teach you how you can get anyone IP address without hacking .And you don't need to know any coding / programming for it and it also absolutely free.

So first of all you must know what is IP address:

An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. IP stands for "Internet Protocol", which is the set of rules governing the format of data sent via the internet or local network

So basically IP address is the identity of the device on internet which you are using and it is unique for all the devices which have ever existed or will exist so no 2 devices will have same IP address. Hence if anyone has anyone's IP address then its very easy to track them !

Coming onto how you can get anyone's IP address :

Firstly know how to get your own IP address:

Search on google "what is my ip address", this will show your ip address (screenshot attached below)

1. Now if you want to know someone'e else IP address, then simply type on google "grabify ip logger"

it will open up something like this :

2. now you can see Enter a valid URL or tracking code written :

so what you have to do know is to copy link of any thing (tweet,post,youtube , gdrive,etc,etc,) which your target(friend) will open as it has something of their interest.

3.Copy the link and paste it in the box and press create URL and click agree .

4. now it will open a page which will look similar to the image below:

Here you can see NEW URL written

5. Now simply click copy written adjacent to it and the new URL will be copied and also save the tracking code/access link somewhere :

The tracking code/access link will be used to show you the IP of the people when they click on the new URL

6. Now u have ask your target(friend) to click on the new URL

Don't worry they wont know anything and the link will redirect them to the original page of the original link like in this case my youtube channel

Only difference will be that the link will look a bit different than usual (see the yellow highlighted region)

7.Now when the target will click on the link you will see something like this :

and yes do toggle this Hide Bots it will simple remove the unnecessary bot clicks made when we send some link to someone on fb/insta

🥳🥳Congrats Now you have their IP address also you can click on More info to check their device name and approximate location, and ISP provider as well !

This is a very easy way to get anyone's IP and then prank on them (intended for fun and not cyber bullying as it is a serious offence to grab IP address and then threaten/blackmail people

be ware! )

Thank you for being a patient reader.

Will soon come up with another blog on "how to Protect your IP "

until then stay tuned ...😎

You can check the VIDEO given below to understand the same thing is a better way(working explained)

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